How to build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

Build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

How to build confidence- it’s an age-old question. Nowadays we are so quick to compare ourselves to anyone, anywhere. It’s easy to not feel worthy in your relationships, your work, or any area of your life… but it’s not true. If you’re struggling with confidence, self-esteem, and understanding just how awesome you really are, check out these 5 ways that Adult Martial Arts class can help build confidence in you from the inside out.

How to Build Confidence Step 1: Make fitness fun!

Build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

How do we make confidence achievable? We make exercise super fun. For starters, punching and kicking in the form of adult martial arts class is an awesome form of stress relief. When you get your whole body moving, you’re releasing all that stress from work, kids, relationships, and that pushy lady at the store who jumped in line. 

Your endorphins are pumping and you feel great. Not only is the workout incredibly fun, but it also brings results. Whether you’re using your own body weight or gloves, you’re going to see definition in your arms, your legs, and your core. Long story short, get a high-energy workout in and have fun doing it. You’re also going to meet some awesome people. We’re a big, happy Concord family here that supports each other and makes each other laugh, so if you’re looking for a positive new experience with new people while you crush your fitness goals, you’ve found the right place. What does all of this have to do with building your confidence? 

If you’re in fitness classes or working your butt off at home and not really pumped on the exercises you’re doing, you’ll never become the confident person you want to be. Let’s say you’re finally melting all that tension with martial arts and your fellow students are cheering you on to achieve your goals, how could you not feel like the awesome athlete that you are? Getting hooked on having a blast and breaking a sweat is really the first step in building confidence. Lucky for you, we teach good times and good workouts with Adult Martial Arts class!

How to Build Confidence Step 2: Achieve and persevere

Build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

So after you’ve officially fallen in love with martial arts and those crazy-good endorphins after every class, you’ll naturally want to go to class regularly because you’re seeing some improvements right away.

Maybe your arms and legs begin to show some definition, or maybe you notice yourself punching harder, kicking quicker, and becoming more flexible. Seeing these little improvements build up over time is the biggest factor in building confidence. As you begin to see these results stack one on top of the other, you start to feel how consistency and simply showing up will lead you to achieve your goals, and pretty soon it’s belt rank time and you’ve absolutely crushed it, getting your very first belt.

The beauty of martial arts is that, yes, it is an awesome workout, but it’s also a tool for personal development. You will begin to discover your inner strength when you consistently show up for yourself. When that team of classmates is behind you, supporting you every step of the way and celebrating all the tiny achievements, you’ll start to feel more confident, capable, and “Wow, I can really do this!” than ever before.

And it’s all thanks to the confidence boost you got from signing up for an Adult Martial Arts class!

How to Build Confidence Step 3: Develop a positive mindset

Build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

So now that you understand personal growth you’ll see- martial arts classes really are about so much more than just punches and kicks. People of all ages and from all walks of life have been using martial arts for thousands of years to build their focus, discipline, perseverance, confidence, and attention, and center themselves in a community of like-minded people.

Our school operates on the notion that martial arts are a life-changing tool that, when wielded properly and consistently, pushes you to meet your highest self, physically and mentally. And in every single class, our teachers are committed to bringing the best version out of you.

When asked how to increase confidence, our instructors will tell you- mindset is incredibly important. Our instructors know that the best version of you exists and will encourage you until you achieve your potential and then some. As you continue on in your lessons, you’ll start to inherit the mindset of your instructors and realize you are so capable of doing hard things and growing into a superior athlete.

This is what confidence truly means- it’s in believing in your own capabilities before anyone else can influence that thought. Being toned and in shape is really important. But combining that with honest confidence from the inside out makes you an unstoppable force.

That’s why martial arts are so powerful – it’s been creating confident leaders from the start!

How to Build Confidence Step 4: Learn to defend yourself with Adult Martial Arts Classes

Build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

So you’re all confident and excited and loving your fitness journey … and suddenly you find yourself in an emergency situation.

You or someone you love is in danger and you have to step up to defend a life, and you need to do it now. It’s common knowledge that self-defense is one of those things you never want to need, but you don’t want to be caught without it.

Don’t forget that underneath it all, those Adult Martial Arts class is really teach you self-defense. At the same time you’re having a blast exercising and getting fit, you’re actually learning how to protect yourself in case of an attack.

There’s nothing like the confidence that comes with knowing you can handle yourself against any stranger on the street. It also helps your loved ones feel safe knowing you can protect them (we do offer kids martial arts too- just saying!), which is 100% the icing on the confidence cake.

How to Build Confidence Step 5: Give Us a Try! 

Build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a confidence boost or just a good ol’ sweat session – try our Sun Martial Arts Adult Martial Arts class in Concord.

You will love it, and you’ll pick up some awesome skills along the way. Check out our trial risk-free and see for yourself why hundreds of our students in Concord love Sun Martial Arts