Best Martial Arts Style for Kids in Concord North Carolina:

Why Your Child Should Take It? Now more than ever, kids are impressing their parents with their martial arts class transformations at Sun Martial Arts in Concord North Carolina, helping them achieve better grades and become more confident people. That’s because the best martial arts style for kids is about so much more than just […]

Why More Moms Are Taking Karate: Martial Arts For Women

More moms than ever are taking martial arts classes for women, and it’s easy to see why, these classes are about so much more than just punches and kicks. Read on to learn more! Relieve Stress And Tone Up With Women’s Martial Arts An indisputable fact: Moms are awesome. These women are the (often unsung) […]

Choosing The Best Martial Arts School in Concord – A Field Guide

Choosing the best martial arts school in Concord is a very personal process. Many different elements of the martial arts experience will come into play when choosing the best ‘dojo’ in the area. Not all martial arts schools are created equal, it’s really about the staff, the quality of instruction, and the community. These are […]

Kids Anxiety and Social Skills – Can Martial Arts Help? Part One

Managing the long-term effects of the pandemic on your child’s mental health – Part One Key Takeaways Children have missed out on normal developmental opportunities throughout the pandemic. Their social skills are out of practice, and parents may need to provide children with more coaching and explicit instruction than they have had to in the past. […]

How to build confidence with Adult Martial Arts Class | Tips and Tricks

How to build confidence- it’s an age-old question. Nowadays we are so quick to compare ourselves to anyone, anywhere. It’s easy to not feel worthy in your relationships, your work, or any area of your life… but it’s not true. If you’re struggling with confidence, self-esteem, and understanding just how awesome you really are, check […]

Sun Martial Arts Provides Martial Arts Classes in Concord for the Whole Family

Sun Martial Arts is renowned for martial arts classes in Concord for preschool, kids, teens, and adults. You will find a number of fun-filled classes including: Sun Martial Arts mixes a great blend of fitness, discipline and self defense into their lessons, that make this the perfect activity for all ages. Keeping fit and having […]